How To Avoid Headaches

Sometimes, headaches could be really nasty. For instance, more than 18 million working days are lost every year because of migraines. This dreadful type of headache can cause symptoms that last almost three days. And the sensation could be so unbearable that will make the employee unable to continue working.
It’s possible that employers should think if their employees could support the stress at their work place.

Causes for the headaches could be:

Stress, worry, tension etc.
Disputes at the work place.
Uncomfortable working environment.
Too many hours spent at the computer.
Working too much without taking breaks more frequently.
Missing lunch.
Not taking a good sleep at night.
Drinking alcohol.

Some tactics for headaches prevention:

First, learn the causes of your headaches and try to avoid them.
Create some kind of headache agenda and learn how to link factors with symptoms.
Eat well at breakfast, get rested at nights and prepare yourself for the days with many tasks to do.
Eyes problems may be a cause for the headaches, so test your eyes when you feel need.
Try to make your work environment as comfortable as possible.
Try to do your job as good as you can.
Take immediate control when a headache occurs.

At work, make sure your chair is ergonomically designed. Make sure there’s good ventilation at your work place. Avoid exposure to strong chemicals. Headaches can also be easily avoided by changing the position on the chair you sit. Another trick is to take frequent breaks to de-stress. You may also learn some techniques to improve the personal relationships at work.

How To Combat A Bout Of Chronic Headache

Chronic headache arrives with intense pain, some may call it a burning sensation! Changes in skin temperature, color and texture will confuse you! Joint stiffness and swelling also do their job of damaging your personality and cheerful disposition. If you are a man with a “don’t care” attitude who thinks self-help is the best for your headache relief, do this at your peril! If people like you are in majority, majority of the medical practitioners will be unemployed! Do seek professional advice and get yourself examined by an expert!

Chronic headache is a tension-type headache. You know it, and you are suffering from it for the last several months and you are also not much hopeful about the future, when you will be free from it.  State of total confusion; you have tried various types of over the counter medicines, listened to various opinions, without any tangible result! The intensity of the headache is but persisting and increasing!

You have listened to various friends

and well-wishers, your file containing investigation reports and prescription papers by the various medical practitioners and specialists is becoming bulky and disgusting to look at, and your own expertise has failed you, but is it fair to still ignore your grandma?

She has saved many “heads” in the past, and will she not do it for you? Note down, what she has to say, even though she had never been to Kashmir (the apple growing State of India): Apples are highly beneficial in the treatment of all types of headache. A ripe apple, after removing the upper rind and the inner hard portion should be taken with a little salt every morning on empty stomach in such cases. This should be continued for about a week. It will yield good results even in cases of disgusting chronic headache.

If not after a week, after a fortnight, do meet this grandma and cheer her, oh, chronic headache-less man!

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