Walk the past, exploring the Bedse Caves near Pune in Maharashtra.

Dating back to the 1st century BC, The Bedse caves are the real epitome of the architectural masterpiece. They are considered as the ultimate expression of the Buddhist art.

Reaching the tranquil and beautiful Bedse caves is a pleasant experience in itself. And if you looking for the quiet moment to commune with the nature, than you have definitely stepped up to the right destination. Bedse caves are one of the few places that are not much crowed and are must visit for the travelers coming to the enjoy the panorama of Pune. Bedse caves can be best reached from Kamshet (Pune). The best time to visit these caves is after the monsoon, most probably soon after the rains.

Image Gallery: The Beautiful Caves

Facing the eastward there are mainly two caves. One of them is the Chaitya cave. Along with it there are number of other rock cut beds called viharas. They were actually used by the monks in the ancient times to live. Chaitya also known as the prayer hall needs some more extra time to discover it completely. To enhance its beauty there is a beautiful Stupa inside it. Apart from that you may find here number of other hidden treasures that are yet to be revealed. You can spend the entire weekend exploring these caves. These caves are beautifully engulfed by the carvings.

Not much history is known about these caves. But there is very popular incident attached to it. Somewhere around 1861, these caves were in the real bad condition. They somehow lost their essence with the time. But when the British officer heard about this, he ordered to arranged his visit to this place. The local officer stuck in the utter confusion and employed the urgent labor to paint the walls, renovate the Stupa and the clean the whole area in and around.

Bedse also offers the good trekking opportunities. As the treks are not to difficult, everybody can opt for trekking facilities. Than you can engage yourself in capturing the pictures of the caves and the nearby area. But as these caves face eastward, so you are advised to visit the caves in the early in the morning, so that the best pictures can be captured in the sunlight.

People coming to visit these caves, if not have binding on returning within a day, can make a visit to the nearby attractions such as Lohagad, Visapur, Tungi, and Tikona. Than you can also spend time at the Bedse Village, 20 25 minutes distance from the caves.

Getting There : By Air : The nearest airport is in Pune, which is 90 km away. By Rail : Kamshet on the Pune Lonavala route is the nearest railhead. By Road : Good bus service from Shivajinagar Bus Station of Pune.

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